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Work package 1: Mapping Latin American Mobility: Features, management, funding


DEV  1.1     Mapping of current South American 'intra-regional' mobility

DEV  1.2     Roundtable: From mapping to a South American mobility Handbook

DEV  1.3     Road map for the South American mobility Handbook 


Work package 2:  Developing the South American Mobility Model and Handbook


DEV  2.1     Focus group 1: Governance and management of mobility programmes

DEV  2.2     Focus Group 2: Strategising mobility, mobility in the context of institutional partnerships and joint/dual programmes and degrees

DEV  2.3     Focus Group 3: Support services and general mobility quality tools


Work package 3:  EU-South America mobility management practice sharing


DEV  3.1     Study Visit 1: Governance of mobility programmes

DEV  3.2     Study Visit 2: Strategising mobility, partnerships and joint degrees

DEV  3.3     Study Visit 3: Support services and mobility quality tools


Work package 4: Drafting the South American Mobility Handbook


DEV  4.1     Meeting of Handbook Drafting Team

DEV  4.2     Partnership meeting to endorse Handbook

DEV  4.3     Draft Publication of CAMINOS Mobility Handbook


Work package 5: Quality Plan - Project Quality Control


DEV  5.1     Project Quality Indicators

DEV  5.2     External Evaluation

DEV  5.3     Advisory Board

DEV  5.4     Project Management Team Meetings


Work package 6: Dissemination and Exploitation - Piloting the CAMINOS Handbook for LA Mobility


DEV  6.1     Piloting the CAMINOS Handbook in SA universities 

DEV  6.2     Piloting the CAMINOS Handbook in SA networks and associations: Developing a monitoring approach for LA mobility programmes  

DEV  6.3     Monitoring scorecard for pilot projects

DEV  6.4     Practice Sharing Portal for pilot projects

DEV  6.5     Partnership meeting for mid-term pilot review

DEV  6.6     Outcome reports: Evaluating the CAMINOS Handbook

DEV  6.7     Enhancing infrastructure for Mobility Management in SA universities

DEV  6.8     Publication of CAMINOS Mobility Handbook


Work package 7: Dissemination and Exploitation - Disseminating the CAMINOS Handbook


DEV  7.1     CAMINOS website

DEV  7.2     CAMINOS dissemination conference

DEV  7.3     National dissemination events

DEV  7.4     CAMINOS promotion material


Work package 8: Management


DEV  8.1     Kick-off Meeting

DEV  8.2     Steering Committee

DEV  8.3     Project Management Team

DEV  8.4     Project Management Guidelines

DEV  8.5     Production of Intermediate and Final Reports

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