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CAMINOS' second Focus Group was held in Bahía Blanca on 2-3 November, 2017

The event was organised by the Universidad Nacional del Sur (UNS) with the support of AUGM and OBREAL.

CAMINOS' partners have participated in the second focus group to discuss strategising mobility, mobility in the context of institutional partnerships and joint/dual programmes and degrees. 

Representatives of UDELAR, UNS, UNIBO, UB, ANECA, UFRGS, CRUCH, ASCUN, AUGM, OBREAL, CIN, DAAD and UFSCar have participated in the meeting. 

This Focus Group allowed participants to maximize discussion and interaction through small groups which was an excellent opportunity to reach conclusions about good practices on mobility strategies. 

The results of this focus group will be taken into account to organise the third and last focus group in Sao Carlos at the end of November 2017.

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