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The first CAMINOS Focus Group successfully held in Bucaramanga, Colombia

The event was organised by the Universidad de Santander (UDES) with the support of ASCUN and OBREAL.

The First Focus Group on “Governance of Mobility” was held last 28-29 June 2017 in Bucaramanga, Colombia. During the meeting, participants had the opportunity to share good practices on international management of universities, especially on strategies and institutional structures which support academic mobility. In particular, the focus group addressed the question of how internal quality processes at universities are taking into account the mobility impact assesment and the role of governments and university associations regarding international mobility both at the national and regional level .

UDES, OBREAL, CRUCH, ASCUN, AUGM, UMAG, UAysen, UNIBAGUE, UNdeC, UNS, ANECA, GCUB, CIN, ANUIES, UB, UNIROMA, DAAD, CNA, local universities of Santander’s Department, local authorities and the Ministry of Education of Colombia, participated in the event.

This Focus Group allowed participants to maximize discussion and interaction through small groups which was an excellent opportunity to reach conclusions about good practices on management of internationalization and on how the processes of internal quality assurance can support mobility at the regional and bi-regional levels.

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