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CAMINOS Roundtable in Santiago

From 15 to 17 March it was held the Roundtable of CAMINOS (1.2)  in Santiago de Chile, hosted by CRUCH

CAMINOS' second gathering began with a public presentation of the project in Latin America addressed to the university community, stakeholders and Chilean authorities. Joint challenges in key issues related to mobility and internationalization in Higher Education were presented and discussed. This public event, organised by CRUCH, brought together more than 80 participants from 10 different countries.

CAMINOS' project partners gathered to discuss the next steps of the project: the mapping of current Latin American ‘intra-regional’ mobility, the organisation of CAMINOS' Focus Groups and Study Visits. Three focus groups will be organised in the following months of the project to prepare the Handbook on promoting mobility within LA. More information on these events will be posted soon.

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