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CAMINOS aims to contribute to the deepening of the Latin American Higher Education Space by improving the capacity of universities, university associations and networks to enhance, promote and manage internal, regional Latin American student and staff mobility.


RECOMMENDATIONS FROM THE ‘CAMINO A FIESA 2020’ CONFERENCE: The people and institutions gathered in Mar del Plata during the `CAMINO A FIESA 2020’ conference consider that, as a result of the discussions held during the event, a series of conclusions should be presented to the public and to the EU with suggestions on how to better articulate cooperation policies in science, technology and higher education between the European Union and Latin America.

Past events 

The CAMINOS final conference was organised in the framework of `CAMINO A FIESA 2020` in the city of Mar del Plata, Argentina. 

Work packages

The CAMINOS Project is divided into eight different workpackages. which are characterized by several deliverables, where key tasks and their know how are described in detail.


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