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Workshop in Bogotá to support the pilots from Colombia and Ecuador

The event was organised by the Asociation of Colombian Universities (ASCUN)

The main objectives of the workshop in Bogotá were to share he plans for the pilot projects at each colombian and ecuadorian universities; to improve their work plans; to share experiences with European partners and other Colombian universities in topics such as the prganization of international practices and internships, graduate mobility management or Impact assessment of mobility programs / monitoring system and institutional impact.

Another objective was to develop short- and medium-term indicators for pilots and share experiences on how to assess indicators and to study the CAMINOS Guide as a reference for improving mobility management processes in universities. 

The workshop counted with the participation of 10 colombian universities who gave their feedback and recommendations to the project partners. 

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Documents & Presentations

Presentación Nicolas Maillard UFRGS.
Presentación del Taller para apoyar proyetos pilotos en Colombia y Ecuador. 
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